Eradicate the virus in the cyberspace with your team!

A Cooperative Story-Driven Campaign Card Game for 1 to 4 players.n

Dive into a futuristic cyberpunk world and navigate the infected zones of cyberspace as a team. Immerse yourself into a captivating storyline with increasingly difficult missions.

Hacktivity is a card game that can be played solo, in pairs, or with a group of friends. Manage both the powers of your characters and the actions of the hostile viruses. Figure out how to communicate your strategy effectively to your teammates to succeed in the mission.

Each scenario presents new challenges, rules to learn, and different courses of action.

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“I am definitly interesting on it. (...) The core idea sound very very cool. (...) I can imagine some cool exciting moments might be the norm in, my number three, Hacktivity! ”


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