Challenge your opponent to a duel


It seems that the Black Baron has captured. He hid his treasures on the floating world of Kran. You must hurry and steer the ship to get your hands on the loot, as you might run into some greedy freebooters. 



Move Strategically

Move from island to island to activate equipment cards or dig up treasure.


Hurt your opponent's counters, heal your pirates or collect rum bottles to stay in the race.

Conditions de victoire


The game offers you two ways to win:

  • ​Collect three chests of gold coins


  • Hurt all the opposing pirates.


You will be presented with multiple choices. Can you make the right ones and win the game?



Advanced Variant

For experienced players, receive an Archipirata (pirate leader) card at the beginning of the game. This card has a unique power that could change the course of the game!


It's up to you to collect the cards you need to fulfill your destiny!



  • 58 cards 

  • 16 pirate pawns

  • 1 board

  • 2 rulebook
    (english and french)



  • 2 or 4 players

  • 30 minutes

  • 10 +